• Who Are We?

    Ultrapak Manufacturing Co. Ltd ,which was formerly known as Tetra Pak PET, a joint venture in Saudi Arabia located in Jeddah and established since 1997 was acquired by Al Othman Group in 2006. This strategic alliance was formed to promote PET products and services of the highest quality to discriminating bottled water, CSD bottlers, JNSD and Dairy producers in the region.

    Ultrapak Manufacturing Company Ltd, we believe that we are uniquely qualified to assist bottlers to compete in the competitive bottled water, CSD and liquid food packaging markets in the region.

    Ultrapak Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a company which specializes in PET products and services, a singular focus not diluted by other business interests all of our competitors engage in. Our products range covers all types of preforms with different neck finishes and weights for all available liquid food applications in the region. This singular focus provides our customers with a unique competitive advantage, allowing them to capitalize on the technical, process and marketing knowledge gained through years of PET experience in the global market place.

    Our Jeddah factory was designed for the express purpose of mineral water, CSD, JNSD and Dairy preforms production for the difficult climatic conditions and resin supply pipeline found in Saudi Arabia. Our production technology is comprised of Husky Injection Molding PET systems coupled with Piovan and Plastic System dryers. The dew point and temperature of our machine hall is controlled through selective use of building materials, facility design and process air conditioning in addition to individual mould sweat protectors.

    Moulding under these conditions enables us to consistently manufacture preforms of the highest dimensional and visual quality with low AA values previously unattainable in this region.

    In addition, we are part of Takween Advanced Industries, currently a public company on the Saudi Stock Exchange market and with headquarters located in Al Khobar.

    To complement our technology, support our customers and ensure optimised performance, our operation and management personnel have been recruited from the plastics and PET industries world-wide. A multinational team with at least 20 years’ experience, highly motivated and target focused. Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, the spirit is mainly driven to create inspirational and unique solutions every day. Their motivation is the satisfaction of giving customers the most innovative responses to difficult challenges.